About the TSHBP

The Texas Schools Health Benefits Program is a regionally rated program developed for Texas school districts. Our purpose is to support the school children of Texas. We do this by providing health benefit solutions to our dedicated teachers, administrators, and support staff so they can concentrate on what they do best – teaching and supporting our kids. It is our desire to increase member health and well-being and provide tools necessary to identify and manage the health of each and every member.

The Program’s reimbursement model is combined with the rapidly emerging concierge care model being utilized with large employers across the country as a way to enhance member experience by supporting them as they use the complicated healthcare delivery system.  The TSHBP plan reflects the current industry trend towards updated plan designs focused on helping members find high-quality fairly priced healthcare.  The results of this concierge consumerism are overall lowered healthcare costs which are then passed on to the membership in the form of lower contributions, lower co-pays, and increased benefits.

The TSHBP is proud to offer a variety of plans and benefits to meet school district needs. Plans for 2021-22 include our High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and our CoPay Plan (CPP). Both plans are designed so members can easily navigate through their health medical needs.

TSHBP plans are available for school district employees who are employed by participating districts and are active, contributing TRS members.

TSHBP is a member of:

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The TSHBP Board of Trustees

Monty Hysinger

Dumas ISD


Autumn Thomas

Texarkana ISD

Deputy Superintendent

Chris Bomberger

Denton ISD

Executive Director of Child Nutrition, Benefits & Risk Management

Laurie Lee

Eanes ISD

Chief Human Resources Officer

Aaron Hood

Robert Lee ISD


Why Choose the TSHBP?

View TSHBP Regional Education Forum Video

TSBHP had the opportunity to present several sessions educating Texas schools districts on offering the additional medical plan alongside TRS. If you did not attend any of the sessions, we have included our presentation for your review. Below are items discussed in the forum:

  • District Savings
  • Local Control
  • Plan Transparency
  • Long Term Stability

Member Testimonials

“My entire experience at Medical City Dallas was exceptional!  Thank you again for your assistance from beginning to end.”

“…the amount of money that is saved was described as “drastic”!”

“...the experience on the plan has been very good and I’m pleased that I switched over.”

My experience with TSHBP has been exceptional. When I contact TSHBP for any reason I get a response almost immediately. I had COVID testing done in November and the process to receive my reimbursement was easy. I received a reimbursement for the entire out of pocket expense.  With my previous medical insurance carrier I paid for my maintenance medications but with Southern Scripts I have not paid for any medications as of yet. My son has a medical condition which requires him to carry an EPI pen and it has been so easy to get his medications filled.”

“…we (our district) should experience about $4.5 million in savings and our employees will see $2 million savings for the year.”

"I had a care concierge who worked with me every step and it was overall a great experience. It definitely is a new way to do insurance, but all I had to pay was a $500 hospital copay and a $250 copay for newborn care. Every other bill that I might potentially get I was told to send their way so they can take care of it, and I felt like that couldn’t be beat!"


“The co-pay plan has been very beneficial since the co-pays are lower than my previous carrier..... The Care Coordinator is the key to getting the best medical care and most bang for your money."



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