TSHBP Video Library

Balance Bill

Are you receiving a medical bill in the mail even after you have paid your portion? This could be a Balance Bill, but TSHBP has you covered. This video will guide you on the process on how to resolve your Balance Bill.


Member Portal Tutorial

This video will provide an overview of the TSHBP Member Portal. We will walk you through how you can register your account, order an TSHBP ID card, and other functions available to you as a Member of TSHBP.

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Provider Search Tutorial

Looking for a provider in the TSHBP Network? With our TSHBP Provider Search Tutorial, we walk you through how to navigate Provider Search and the best tools to find a provider near you.

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Pharmacy Benefits Portal

Were you prescribed a medication and want to know how much it will cost? Are you needing to find a Pharmacy Provider near you? With the TSHBP Pharmacy Benefits Portal, we walk you through how you can find a pharmacy near you, how much you would pay for a prescription under your plan and other functions available to you.

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