Simplicity - Care Coordinators

Under the Care Connect program, a Care Coordinator becomes a personal concierge for the members in the TSHBP. Today most health plans require members to navigate a complicated maze of in-network confirmation requirements, the TSHBP is designed so the Care Coordinator steps in on behalf of the member and fully supports the member through the process.  The Care Coordinator will explain benefits, verify eligibility, answer questions, research quality on every encounter, schedule procedures, and negotiate with facilities for best rates.  Our goal is to simply and easily schedule the member with high quality, fair priced facilities in the easiest possible manner while supporting the member through all aspects of the health care continuum

HD Plan

  • Significantly lower premium rates compared to the TRS-ActiveCare HD plan
  • Lower out-of-pocket maximums since a member-only has to meet their deductible
    • TSHBP HD - $3,000 vs. TRSAC HD - $7,000
  • Telehealth at a $30 Consultation Fee
  • All eligible prescriptions are paid at 100% after the deductible

CoPay Plan

  • A unique plan that members pay only copayments for service. All copayments apply to the deductible
  • Lower out-of-pocket maximums since a member-only has to meet their deductible
    • TSHBP CoPay -$3,500 vs. TRSAC Primary -$8,150
  • Telehealth at $0 Copay
  • $0 copay for generic drugs at CVS, HEB, Wal-Mart, Sam's, and Costco ($10 copay at other network pharmacies)

About the TSHBP

The Texas Schools Health Benefits Program is a regionally rated program developed for Texas school districts. Our purpose is to support the school children of Texas. We do this by providing health benefit solutions to our dedicated teachers, administrators, and support staff so they can concentrate on what they do best – teaching and supporting our kids. It is our desire to increase member health and well-being and provide tools necessary to identify and manage the health of each and every member.

The Program’s reimbursement model is combined with the rapidly emerging concierge care model being utilized with large employers across the country as a way to enhance member experience by supporting them as they use the complicated healthcare delivery system.  The TSHBP plan reflects the current industry trend towards updated plan designs focused on helping members find high-quality fairly priced healthcare.  The results of this concierge consumerism are overall lowered healthcare costs which are then passed on to the membership in the form of lower contributions, lower co-pays, and increased benefits.

The TSHBP is proud to offer a variety of plans and benefits to meet school district needs. Plans for 2021-22 include our High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and our CoPay Plan (CPP). Both plans are designed so members can easily navigate through their health medical needs.

TSHBP plans are available for school district employees who are employed by participating districts and are active, contributing TRS members.



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