6 Reasons to Join the Texas Schools Health Benefits Program

How the TSHBP can make all the difference for you and your employees:


1. Control Hospital Costs

2. Control Prescription Costs

3. It's Fully Funded

4. Member Satisfaction & Understanding

5. Member Out-of-Pocket Savings

6. Prepared for Long-Term Success


Control Hospital Cost

TSHBP uses a highly effective strategy for establishing optimal reimbursement rates for medical services. Referenced-based pricing, direct provider contracts, and traditional PPO arrangements are just a few methods we use to secure optimal savings. These strategies are joined with high standards for quality of care so that members have the best possible healthcare outcomes.

Control Prescription Cost

Controlling prescription costs is a key component for the TSHBP. Through our relationship with RxCompass, we provide significant savings on specialty and high-cost medications. Our comprehensive pharmacy benefit program guides members through various drug savings pathways to save members hundreds of dollars per year, while the program saves in prescription expenses as well.

A Fully Funded Plan

Since its inception, the TSHBP has funded current claims cost and expenses, as well as claims, that are processed and paid after the end of the plan year (run-out claims). The program also secures reinsurance coverage from highly rated carriers to lessen the exposure from any unforeseen high-dollar claims. These financial strategies have allowed the program to increase its funding balance while maintaining premium costs to its members.

Member Satisfaction & Understanding

Healthcare has become more complicated and difficult to maneuver in the past 50 years. The Texas-based TSHBP Care Coordinator team assists members in scheduling procedures, or simply helps members explore all the available care and savings options. A single toll-free number helps secure a one-to-one experience to assist every member with their individual healthcare needs.

Member Out-of-Pocket Savings

While many plans are shifting cost to members through higher deductibles and increased co-insurance, TSHBP plans can help members with their out-of-pocket expenses. For example, the TSHBP HD-directed plan has an embedded deductible, and the CoPay plan is a zero deductible plan saving members over 50% in out-of-pocket costs compared to traditional healthcare plans.

Prepared for Long-Term Success

Controlling medical and prescription costs may be the keys to the long-term success of the program, but there are other factors as well. The program provides all members the TSHBeFIT program to help members “Have Fun, Get Healthy, Live Well”. Our wellness program along with add-on programs, such as Virta and Hinge Health, help the members every step of the way.

Member Experience

TSHBP is proud to provide a smooth health care experience for members and district administrators. Don't take our word for it though, see what a few of our members have to say.