TSHBeFit Incentive Program, Wellness Program, Incentive Program, TSHBeFit

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TSHBeFit Incentive Program, Wellness Program, Incentive Program, TSHBeFit

Incentive Program

We at TSHBP want to support you in living your healthiest life. Our wellness program TSHBeFit is designed to offer opportunities to improve your health through various activities, challenges and education with a holistic approach that focuses on your overall wellbeing.

For the 2023-2024 Plan Year, we are rewarding our participants monthly for taking an active role in your health! Completing the AgeGage can jumpstart your journey this year and help you understand where opportunities may lie and earn you some hefty points! Keeping up with Preventive Care visits throughout the year keeps you on the path to better health and wellness and earns you more points as well.

Most importantly, be sure to HAVE FUN and incorporate this into your daily life. Did you volunteer for the school dance this year? Make sure you do the JustDance Challenge that month! Is your class loving Morning Minutes time? Join the 5 Questions Challenge! Thinking about World Kindness Week? Challenge yourself and your coworkers to the GoodDeed Challenge! Challenges range from emotional, physical, social to environmental and more.

Two Ways to Win!

Each month TSHBP will host a drawing to give away two $75 gift cards.

Anyone who earns 75 points during the month is entered into the drawing. This can be as simple as completing a preventive care visit and challenge, doing our monthly challenges and an education course challenge, or picking your own personal challenges. Teaming up with coworkers can make this more fun and you can all encourage each other!

We are also excited to share that we will do an annual drawing for two $575 gift cards!

What fun thing could you spend this on? For our annual drawing you will be entered for each 1,000 points you earn over the plan year. By just completing the base program you earn 1,100 points, but if you want to shoot for the stars and get your name in the drawing twice, go have some fun, complete more challenges and focus on your personal well-being!


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TSHBeFit Incentive Program, Wellness Program, Incentive Program, TSHBeFit