Useful Information about Your TSHBP Health Benefits

Here are a few tips to better understand your new TSHBP benefits.

What is the difference between TSHBP, 90 Degree Benefits, and HealthSmart?

  • TSHBP, otherwise known as the Texas Schools Health Benefits Program, is your new medical option offered as an alternative to the TRS-ActiveCare program. This program has two plans: the TSHBP Copay Plan and the TSHBP High Deductible Plan.
  • 90 Degree Benefits administers the TSHB Program much like BCBSTX administers the TRS-ActiveCare program. 90DB provides customer service for your TSHBP benefits, process claims, and provides concierge service through Care Coordinators to manage all your hospital and facility services.
  • HealthSmart Physician & Ancillary is the name of the provider network for services under the TSHBP.

What do I do?

  I Need to go to my Doctor, Specialist, or Urgent Care I need Emergency Care
STEP 1 Call (855) 830-9234 to confirm HealthSmart Physician and Ancillary Network status. OR Go online to confirm: Call 911 OR Go to the nearest emergency facility of choice.
STEP 2 Call your doctor to schedule appointment. Provide office staff with your insurance information, including the provider network HealthSmart Physician and Ancillary Network. Upon arrival and admission, you must provide your TSHBP medical insurance card to the admissions department for verification of benefits.
STEP 3 Present your TSHBP member insurance card at your appointment. As a reminder, let your physician know your provider network is the HealthSmart Physician and Ancillary Network. Ask the hospital staff to contact a Care Coordinator at (888) 803-0081 to verify benefits and pre-certify services.
When do I call my Care Coordinator?
  • All non-emergency services performed in a facility/hospital setting require the member to contact their Care Coordinator at (888) 803-0081.
    • The Care Coordinator will obtain Pre-Certification, manage invoices pertaining to approved services, and facilitate payment from the member. Any bills or invoices received by the member should be forwarded to Care Coordinator.
  • In case of an emergency, go to the nearest facility. Contact your Care Coordinator within 48 hours of emergency room admission.

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